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Multipack Sluttseddel

Multipack Sluttseddel - Make it easy and efficient

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Multipack Sluttseddel follows the trend and innovative solutions. Our team has updated the Multipack Final Sheet. Now you can sign digitally which makes everything easier! Do you have more questions? 

Approved By Norges Råfisklag

The final note of our program has been tested and approved by the Norges Råfisklag. The program delivers in all areas. Do you have more questions? 

Integration With Multipack Package System

Can be integrated with Multipack Packaging system for connection to marking/packing of eg fresh fish and other production. Get full traceability with this solution. Do you have more questions?


Electronic Registration Of Reception

At our touch terminals, you can register the reception of fish on the quay. With a touch terminal, you create and register endnote drafts that are transferred to the Multipack Endnote program on the PC for further processing. The process does not get easier.


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