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We have been supplying software to the Fish and Meat industry for many years. We are proud of that! Multipack is our main focus and we are constantly working to improve Multipack.

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Multipack Package System

Our packaging systems are used in many different industries. The software is designed to suit all types of businesses that want marking, inventory management, tracking, and order processing. Integration with several types of financial systems for invoicing, accounting, CRM, and trading (eg Visma, Maritech Trading, Unimicro).


Multipack Innveiing

Multipack weighing is used to automatically register weight when receiving fish. Can only be used for reception and in combination with a gutting line to register weight after gutting. The fish is fed in one or more dents on the quay, furthermore, it is transported through conveyor belts to silo weights which register weight before the gutting line, after gutting fish and by-products are weighed out again for correct yield. Everything is controlled from a separate terminal and each boat receives its weigh-in report.



Report catches and landings in a simple and efficient way. Can be delivered as a single software or you can integrate the software with Multipack Packing. Approved by Norges Råfisklag.


Multipack Journal

Log all transactions from receipt, production, and warehouse According to The Landing Regulations of 6 May 2014 with accompanying guides. The main focus of Multipack Journal is to satisfy the requirements of the Landing Regulations from the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

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We have been buying software from K2 since 2013. Then we chose to go for Multipack. Ease of use and price were then crucial. We have subsequently changed over both the banknote program and the landing journal to K2. We have experienced K2 as very service-minded since we got to know them. If you do not get them by phone, they always call back. If we have had requests for software changes, it has always been taken seriously to change quickly and efficiently. We have recommended K2 to several of our colleagues and the cost/benefit is unbeatable for us in relation to comparable competitors.

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