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Multipack - Packing Station

Multipack Packing Station

Save TIME, get fair payment, and take full control by packing on variable weight. If you invest in a favorable package solution from us, you will save this in a short time.

For The Fishing Industry

We have for many years prepared and made good solutions for the fishing industry. By using Multipack Package System, you get access to many different solutions so that you can work more efficiently + take full control of production.

Label Editor

We have integrated a separate label editor so you can design your labels exactly how you want. The label editor supports all languages.

Everything You Want

Multipack Package System has pretty much everything you could want. We are cooperative and adaptable to your needs. Get in touch using our web form so that we can help you in the best possible way!

Integrations with accounting systems

Integration with several types of financial systems for invoicing, accounting, CRM, and trading (eg : Poweroffice Go,, Xledger, 24sevenoffice, Visma Global, Visma Business, Maritech Trading, Unimicro m.fl.).

Customers of Multipack Packing Station

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We at K2 are passionate about meeting the requirements and needs of our customers. Contact us if you are interested in hearing more about our solutions.

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